About the Spotted Grunter Resort

Located on the Wild Coast, Port St Johns is known for its fishing in the likes of Grunter, Salmon or Cob and Garrick. The epitome of a perfect location for fishing, nestled flawlessly next to the Umzimvubu River, the piece of heaven became The Spotted Grunter Resort.The resort, started in 2001, has been growing yearly.

The rustic luxury cabins each boast televisions with SABC, ETV, MNET, or DSTV bouquet channels. Though most guests prefer a day of fishing and an evening cruise along the river, many enjoy a relaxing evening of viewing in their comfortable cabins.

Our small and exclusive paradise is always waiting to be filled with happy faces and families enjoying themselves at the magnificent facilities. The Spotted Grunter Resort welcomes all, and our peaceful environment also accommodates pets with a wheelchair friendly cabin as well.